Three Things You Need To Know If You Want A Celebrity Impersonator At Your Party Or Event


A celebrity impersonator is easily one of the most unique aspects you can add to an event or party. People love meeting celebrities, and having a "celebrity" show up can easily be the highlight of an evening, not to mention getting lots of social media posts (if you're into that kind of attention). But if you're considering hiring a celebrity impersonator to do an event for you, there are a few things you need to know.

Know What Kind Of Event You Want

It may sound obvious, but one of the most important aspect of hiring a celebrity impersonator is being aware of what kind of event you're planning. Do you want a "show" or do you want someone to just come mingle with guests and take photos? Do you want things to be more laid back or is it a formal event? You'll also need to decide how you want the impersonator's entertainment to fit into the event. Is it the main attraction? Is it entertainment beforehand? Make sure to discuss this with the company you're working with.

Know the Style Of Impersonation Will They Be Doing

When it comes to impersonating celebrities, some impersonators are simply lookalikes. They make for fun selfies for your group, but that's about it. Other celebrity impersonators, however, bring the whole package—they look, sound, sing, move, and speak like the real deal. It's important to be aware of what style impersonator you're getting before you hire one for your next event. Someone that's just a lookalike will almost certainly be more affordable, but springing for the "full" impersonation package could really bring life to an event.

Know If The Impersonator Will Be Bringing Their Own Sound Equipment

Especially if you're hiring a celebrity impersonator for a large event, it's important to know if sound equipment is available or if you'll need to be providing your own. If your impersonator has a show planned and was expecting you to have sound equipment set up, it can make for a pretty underwhelming experience.

Hire a professional celebrity impersonator, and your guests will walk away feeling like they've really met a superstar. Hire a friend of a friend who "does a great impression," and you could have an embarrassing addition. That's why it's important to make sure you go to a professional service that has impersonators for hire. A professional impersonator has likely dedicated years to their craft, and they know how to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Contact celebrity impersonators like The Edwards Twins for additional information.


19 January 2017

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